I’ve given myself one year to master the violin.

As an adult beginner, I should be playing Twinkle Twinkle; instead, I'm playing Paganini's 24th caprice.

Fast fears

As I practice and play in my own little world, it’s easy to forget how real violinists sound and look as they play.  Now, I’m not saying I should be playing at that high a level, but the speed at which the Paganini Caprice should be played is, to say the least, intimidating.  Even the theme, which I have down the best at this point, isn’t anywhere near tempo.

So I’m scared.  Mostly, I practice at a slower tempo, a tempo where I can hit all the notes and make it sound as clear as possible, but I also try to play faster – and it’s always a disaster.  Danielle says the speed will just come; I hope that’s true.

At this point, you’re probably tired of variation 2, but I promised I’d post a video of me playing the entire thing, so here it is.  I’m not ecstatic with this performance, but it’ll have to do for now:

It’s not that clean and certainly not fast enough.  I’m a little disappointed with this variation because I thought it would be much easier, but it’s turned out to be a beast.  Whenever the hand has to be really stretched out with the index finger and pinky (first and fourth fingers) on different strings all far apart, well it’s hard.

Danielle described the first and fourth fingers on the strings like a block.  She had me do this blocking exercise:


3 Comments on “Fast fears”

  1. JRV says:

    Keep at it my friend — I like to watch your progress — here’s a small piece of advice: When you are feeling the sensation of that beast-like oppression upon you, take a break and take a walk like I do — but in your case make it a short run — those endorphins will buoy your spirits and that sense of yourself as a violinist who is learning and growing will once again surface.

  2. Di says:

    I find what you’re doing fascinating. I really, really hope you make it. I’m an adult beginner too.

    I’ll be following your progress and supporting you.

    Whatever happens, don’t give up, please!

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