I’ve given myself one year to master the violin.

As an adult beginner, I should be playing Twinkle Twinkle; instead, I'm playing Paganini's 24th caprice.

And that’s that

So I graduated today.  Well, I technically didn’t graduate; I technically participated in the commencement ceremony, but that’s that as far as my masters experience goes.  What’s next?  Hopefully I’ll find a college teaching position or two in this horribly depressed economy.  In the meantime, I have to hit the practice room.

Danielle has been stressing a couple of things lately.  1)  Hover that pinkie.  Remember that curled up position my pinkie made?

It’s still hanging around, and Danielle’s sick of it!  Whenever I play anything now I think about that darn pinkie and in a way it makes things easier, but mostly it makes my life miserable.

The second, and perhaps more important and reaching change, is to how I practice.  Much more metronome.  I have been using the metronome, but with the violin screaming in my ear, it’s sometimes difficult to hear.  Someone on here recommended the body beat, so I tried it.  This device doesn’t make a sound like a normal metronome, but instead has this clip that vibrates to the beat.  I clip it to my right side collar and it feels like my heart is beating to the proper rhythm.  It feels a little like I’m a cardio patient, but as far as being an awesome metronome, I love it – much easier to follow along than a clicking metronome.

So here’s a quick video of the opening to variation 2:

Yeah, I mess up a little bit there, but the reason I’m happy with this video is mostly how I felt while playing.  When I first started with this variation, for some reason I had a ton of trouble with the scale part.  I think all these scales have actually helped (duh).  It won’t be long before I post this entire variation (maybe even with the grace notes).

Oh, and if you notice in the video, my hair’s a little messed up because of that funny little square graduation hat I was wearing all morning.

2 Comments on “And that’s that”

  1. JRV says:

    Nice camera person! Nice sound! Good graduation day all around —

  2. Cassia says:

    Love the Graduation pic :-)))) Congratulation!

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