I’ve given myself one year to master the violin.

As an adult beginner, I should be playing Twinkle Twinkle; instead, I'm playing Paganini's 24th caprice.

A lesson with Stephanie

Well, Luzerne is over.  For me, that is.  I left a week early to prepare for my classes this fall and also for Colburn residential life training/year preparation.  Did I mention my classes?  I got hired at Cal State Fullerton to teach 3 classes:  two precalculus and one statistics.  I was very fortunate to get anything anywhere (state employment in California isn’t the best right now) but it means I have to prepare for some math!

Violin, however, doesn’t stop.  Remember when I was at Danielle’s camp and I wanted to get lessons from a bunch of the people there?  Well, that didn’t end up happening for whatever reason (mostly my cowardice), but Luzerne was a bit different.  I got three lessons in all, besides the ones from Danielle, from various people at the camp.  You’ve already seen the one from Elbert, the one I’m talking about today is from a cellist named Stephanie Gunst, and the last is from Anna Vosbigian, one of Danielle’s students.  I’ll post the one with Anna later; this one’s about Stephanie.

During the first week of camp I was having trouble tuning my violin.  Having trouble isn’t exactly right, as I can never tune my violin properly (unless I have some piece of software that tells me what note I’m playing).  I’ve gotten much better at hearing an octave when played as a double stop, but fifths are still hard for me to hear.  And Luzerne is notorious for tuning problems since the weather varies so quickly from hot to cold, and it’s perpetually muggy.  So I put my violin down, went to the office, found Steph and asked her to help me.  She came over and helped me tune my instrument.  Probably about a week and a half later I was practicing in my room and heard a knock at the door.  It was Steph–she walked by and heard me practice.  We scheduled a lesson for later that afternoon.

Now, as a precursor to this video, our lesson was a little over an hour, and we worked on lots of stuff, but the best thing we did was on shifting.  That’s what I concentrated on in the video.  Also, this was the first lesson I got from someone not a violinist, but as you can see, some things carry over:

At the beginning, when she says “one of the shifts in there” she’s talking about another piece she mentioned, but I cut out her talking about it.  It might be a little confusing, since there’s no shift like that in this Caprice.

Also, I don’t know why, but the camera cut out before it was supposed to.  At the end of the video, I of course played her cello as she gave me a mini cello lesson, but when I checked the file, it wasn’t there.  Maybe I maxed out my SD card.  Darn.


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